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Destiny 2

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Thoughts & ideas for future goods

•Bungie-controlled Bosses!! Like a live event, similar to the 'Bounty' pvp where you get a reward for killing certain players at certain times. Except this time, it's actually in the PvE now! What would be weirdly funny is have a player looking like world enemy/boss with either a special name (or even just a normal looking enemy) go up to any players and start emoting around them before killing them! How badass would it be to be hunted by a Dreg that puts a knife in your back after hitting a 'dab'? 0_o Or as large as a 'Wanted' enemy that appears weak but hulk smashes you to smithereans right before your eyes!! To put insult to injury, all these 'enemy killings' can be either posted live or announced to the server for everyone to know you just got played!! •Drones! Ability to use your ghost to enter behind enemy lines and drop bombs/traps on unsuspecting enemies, or spot enemies for allies. •Reporting can now benefit the reported players! Can report "Good person, emotes often, revives fast, great killer, stays with the group" Or similar attributes. Benefits include bonus glimmer/loot at the end of strikes / crucible as well as when players view you in-game they see your attributes! And they can also see your negative attributes as well, if you play rudely often. So play nice! •Ghosts can now ATTACK / DEFEND!! Can help scan all enemies close by (pulsate possibly, showing up on your hud) Can up one of your attacks for a few seconds / adds an overshield to help whenever you need it! (Option for those abilities to use a portion of your own super energy) •Consumable to enhance chances to get weapon catalysts from strikes / pvp. •Movement of ships in loading screens •Shields!! Legendary / exotic Weilding grants bonus resilience, 'ammo' is how many deflections / blocks it can take before breaking. Harder enemies / supers make it go down faster. Perhaps certain shields block attacks from certain types longer? •Void/arc/solar shaders for ships (like Heroes armor) hell, why not Taken too! •SPARROW RACING LEAGUE (plz plz plz) •Dogfighting, atmosphere or space, let's fly •Items that make kills proc certain abilities (fireworks, ribbons, oogles of blood, rainbows flying out after killing with headshots) •Taken shader •Ability to allow Ghost to have robotic-sounding voice (male, female) •Sparrows with guns O_O •Sparrows that can fly to the max height (to look up and see people to everywhere up there, think about it!!) •Anti-air guns during missions to be able to stop huge armadas from bringing in reinforcements by air (even in a Gambit-style mode would be crazy) •Music first loading in-game changes with every log-in •Traveler actually seen on Earth whenever flying back in •Time travel? :D (Visit Cayde-6 in the past, visit Golden Age Earth, Twilight Gap, etc.) •Ghost talks randomly to you, sometimes flies around you (or you can even emote AT Ghost, and he'll comment about it or even do something odd back at you!) •Thanos' Snap* (Something you have to find parts for in a map [pvp or pve] that causes half the enemies/players on BOTH SIDES to die instantly) •Hidden strong enemies that only you can see but anyone can shoot at if you know where to aim (footprints or seeing soneone shoot at that certain direction) •Stun gun? •Bubble gun? :D (or water guns, could be really weak but cause enemies to be supressed / slowed) •Predator Mask (Helmet you wear that has you stay invis until you shoot or take damage, but goes back invis faster while sprinting) Predator Game Mode!! (One player vs everyone else) Chosen player gets better damage output while firing from invis, while faster running and recovery while invis. •Spears (can be used to melee further, or thrown!) •Throwing knives with singe burns (special / heavy) •Heavy Auto-Shotgun (AR-12) that literally melts anything it kills (gruesome) •Enemies that talk back at you (possible bad words, mostly teasing) •Cannons (either set in certain locations or mini cannons that fire 1 at a time with high impact damage •Shoes with wings! (higher jump, further, slower drop;similar to Moon gravity) •Weapon with one bullet that can ONLY damage on headshots, precision hits add one round to the chamber; non-precision hits force you to reload manually as you'd be out of ammo. Multiple precision hits help reload faster. •Ghost can attack enemies! You mark, he'll hunt. Enemies damaged by Ghost take more damage. Possibly makes certain burns stronger on said marked enemy (void, solar, arc) Also helps distract enemy! If Ghost is hit down, takes longer to revive. •Tattoos! (able to further customize your Guardian / Ghost! •Item/ gun mod that helps you see people through objects who also have that same object! Call it the 'Gift and Curse' •Food/drink items in tower café that help with certain xp's or enemy damage! •Weapon with a slow movie bullet that flies towards the nearest enemy, and does NOT stop moving until it attacks a living being (doesn't blow up on walls, can't be shot down) Does self-destruct after 20 seconds. •Scyth sword (Grim Reaper Scyth) •Mask / consumable that transforms you entirely to a certain mob! (Taken thrall, vex minotaur, fallen captain) Expires after 10 mins, does NOT work in pvp / raids (really want more bugs?) •Javelin Missile Heavy Weapon!! (Tracking, when fired, launches up into the world, and soars fast back down. Big blast radius. Gjallahorn-style dispersal over large area. •Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia) smallest heavy weapon that has the ability to move you back ~5 seconds where you were in the map (back on a building, away from hard enemies) May not want this in pvp, but i'll laugh my ass off if I turn a corner into 3 players who all just suddenly disappear holding daggers seein my super!! •Exotic Boots that grant a 4th / 5th jump! Call em Stairway to the Traveler •Boots / cloak that, when dodging, transports you to an alternate reality (similar to Shattered Throne) where you can't hurt anyone and no one can hurt you for perhaps 5-10 seconds! Enough time to run away and regroup. •Rocket that pierces underground to dig into an enemy it tracked above ground, explodes upon breaching surface. Able to jump out of the way from the worst of it, sound cues help to. Possibly see ground erupting towards you to also help warn of potential attack. •Submachine gun: hit target once, the rest of that clip aggressively launches towards that enemy •Weapon where every bullet that hits the target heals the user a very small percentage of damage dealt (or at least can start regen slowly). Effects multiply the lower your health. •Trickster: A super that, when activated, creates a splitting image of you, gun and all! Actually appears to shoot at the enemy when it's within view (appears to, nothing ever hits). When activated, you gain stealth until someone kills your doppleganger or you start firing. •Mods for sparrows/ ships!! Faster in certain areas/planets. Running down enemies reloads weapons, or heals you, etc. •PvP playlist that disables supers •Linear Fusion Rifle (Heavy) that is a one hit kill players (body/head) or does MASSIVE (Nighthawk-style dmg) with only one round in the mag. Takes one (or 2-3) whole second(s) to fire, but in that time, a laser pointer emerges from the gun to auto-track a living player/enemy and gets brighter and thicker the entire time it charges to fire. Loudest blast and recoil, long reload/cooldown between firing. Animation shows the mag getting ruined and blown, getting replaced with a fresh new mag! •Sparrow with invisibility! •Sparrow with its' own overshield for the driver! Can look like a tank-cycle! •MECHS?!?!! (can be small personal size like from MGSV, or as big as Killzone / Halo mechs. Perhaps cinematics of them being used during the fall of the Golden Age, maybe helped set up last defenses dor the Final City. •Button to switch your armor shader to whatever your gun looks like! (alternate gun shaders) •Heavy Daggers! (Two weapons that attack very fast but cannot defend against attacks) •Nukes! (Heavy weapon that only charges ammo for every 20-30 enemies [majors/bosses] you kill. Deaths don't take the charge away, but leaving the planet will. Massive area of effect. Leaves harmful cloud [to just enemies] for several minutes.) Possibility for charges to stack through consecutive strike playthroughs. •Strike XP + glimmer rewards stack for every strike completed in succession (like D1). Has no limit to amount of stacking, stack ends when you leave. Same with pvp playlists. •Pinball!!! Heavy sniper with one bullet, slow reload. When you kill an enemy with a precision hit, that bullet bounces aggresively towards the next nearest enemy's precision area! Yet only goes so far after the first initial kill. Faster reload and handling for every kill achieved. •Masks!! Of Destiny figures OR popular anime / cartoon characters!! (if able to allow entire character to morph into the entire character, even better) •Rocket that (when fired) your view moves instantly into the fired shell and you can control the speed (faster hits cause increased damage) but you control it from firing to exploding! •Fishing! If not, all water areas now show sea critters swimmin about •Assassins! PvE area activity that activates a PvP style mission to hunt a localized player in your area! Gun must be found on the map (silenced one-hit kill)

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