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6/9/2020 8:19:33 AM

Things I believe bungie did right with swords this season

This season is coming to a close and swords this season is in the best spot they could of ever been. Even though people don't know what guards and combos to use on the sword it still great to see swords in a great spot. People don't give bungie recognition for this but here I am, thank you bungie and here is my feed back to you. Disruption Blade- This is very good on a sword because not does it stop overload champions it weakens any mob your hitting and makes them more docile. Which means you can survive more slams from the boss and attacks from it then on top of that he won't slam you as often. This allows you to use your sword effectively and if you have things like boss spec and major spec you take even less damage. Sword energy- Still to day I still people light hitting bosses like it's some type of Dark souls boss or spamming there heavy attack constantly but people forget to utilize there heavy attack. The heavy attack is easily the best thing and brings no downsides. Its a huge increase in damage and besides some bugs with the heavy attack it's a great addition and increased the burst damage if swords. Engarde with full energy charge or counter attack with full energy is just massive burst damage. Sword guards- I've tested all the guards and with exception of maybe like 2-3 guards overall we have seen guarding change for the better. Guarding actually matters now and I can say how great this is, before you was punished so hard for guarding. Even though guarding is not perfect it's an actual feature in your sword now and helps you more time than hurting you. I would like some more changes to guards but that's for a later date and I am a minority and only people like me would like and need changes like be able to guard and unguard faster and so on. But I cant express how thankful I am to not be binded to my strongholds now if I want to I can in unequip them and still guard and use my sword effectively. Passive guard- Lastly, passive guard or what I like to say WHAT GUARDING SHOULD RESEMBLE. Just like tyrants charge hands down this carried swords throughout the season and if you didn't use it then I feel bad for you. For example a well perfectly time guard can survive a wardcliff yes a WARDCLIFF. You can also survive a 1k but you was always able to do that but with passive guard it's more consistent with it. Enemies do less damage to also and this was very helpful in nightfall's, crucible, Gambit and daily activities. The reason why this mod is so good is because it rewards the player for guarding just like strong holds. If guard then you can tank a lot of things an if you didn't know with high enough resilience and recovery you can actually heal through the damage you are receiving with is just crazy. Stack this with disruption blade and some mods and you are a tank your are the Ultra Boss. Not only this but you take less damage all around you to it's literally a passive guard you can say. I didn't test how many enemies you have to be around for this to work but once I equipped this mod I knew it was in effect. This is what guarding needs a clear indication that it's working. Yea you can see yourself guarding but most people don't do it because they can't tell whether or not if it's actually doing something but with this mod it's a night and day difference with it and I hope they take some inspiration to how useful and game changing passive guard is to a sword. As a person who uses sword as much as I do passive guard should be the standard for guarding and if not the standard the goal we should set for sword guarding.

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