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5/22/2020 3:34:54 AM

Exotic Shotgun : The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper Exotic Kinetic Shotgun Impact: 90 Range: 20 Stability: 90 Handling: 20 Reload Speed: 10 RPM: 60 Magazine: 3 Want to get into the underworld? Easy — just know the doorman. Intrinsic Perk — Skeleton Key: This weapon gains ammo from all ammo pick-ups directly into the magazine. Each shot fired has a different pellet spread pattern. Legendary Trait — Admittance: Kills with this weapon where every pellet landed has a different effect depending on the pellet pattern: Cross: Delayed Solar Explosion Square: Slows nearby enemies. Star: Concussive blast. Exotic Catalyst — Multiple Entry: Landing multiple patterns on the same enemy causes all effects to activate on their death. Lore Tab: Want to get into the underworld? Easy — just know the doorman. With a combination of Ascendent Realm and Hive glyph study along with no small amount of trial and error — we’ve final constructed a working dimensional transmutation device. Harnessing the life energies of a subject, through what one could consider a bending of the Hive Sword Logic through what one could consider to be a ‘curse’ inscribed through the glyphs placed on said subject — we can pull through energy dormant in the Unknown Space; at the cost of the subject’s life-force. While our original plan was to send life-forces through dimensional planes, the amount of energy required to enact the transmutation seemed reliant on harvesting that life-force as a trade, of sorts. But for all we know, subjects are not being killed, they’re simply being fired into some infinite pocket of dimensional space from which the energy generated is being expelled. I’m optimistic that further field testing will yield more promising results.

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