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Изменено (Spectre-18): 5/17/2020 9:47:03 AM

Exotic Light Machine Gun (Ascendant Realm) : The Anti-Overseer

The Anti-Overseer Special Light Machine Gun Impact: 20 Range: 30 Stability: 40 Handling: 40 Reload Speed: 60 RPM: 400 Magazine: 100 Only the end of the physical universe. Intrinsic Perk — Will for Power: Each enemy killed by this weapon increases its damage but also removes a small portion of your maximum health and shields. Legendary Trait — Abeyance of Truth: Hold reload to stop Will for Power and set this weapon with its current damage buff; restoring your lost health and shields. Deactivates upon emptying the magazine. Exotic Catalyst — Zarathustra’s Bane: Allowing yourself to be critically wounded by Will for Power doubles the damage buff already present. Removed if Abeyance of Truth is activated. Lore Tab: Only the end of the physical universe. The goal was life The goal was future The goal was shared in our evolution But the truth is death But the truth is past But the truth is mine, at any cost — Etched upon an Unknown Crypt in the Ascendent Realm.

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