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Destiny 2

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Exotic Bow : Fell Huntress

Fell Huntress Exotic Kinetic Bow Impact: 80 Accuracy: 85 Stability: 95 Handling: 50 Reload Speed: 25 Draw Time: 950 Inventory: 55 “My tactics? Kill.” — Di’Orma, disavowed Hunter, turned mercenary and assassin. Intrinsic Perk — Failed Artemis: Missing a shot grants greatly decreased draw time on the next arrow fired. This bonus is preserved if the shot deals precision damage. Legendary Trait — Long Game: Toggle L3 to increase zoom magnification while aiming down sights. Arrows deal more damage the longer they fly. Exotic Catalyst — Cruel Catch: Missed shots have a chance of generating a Flashbang that disorientates nearby enemies. Lore Tab: “My tactics? Kill.” — Di’Orma, disavowed Hunter, turned mercenary and assassin. Audio recording recovered from the Tangled Shore: “... The cost will be considerable.” “We can pay it.” “I’m sure. You’ll have The Rifleman take the shot, I assume?” “Correct.” “I only have the one left. Be sure he won’t miss.” “The Devourer Bullet — you swear it will kill his Light?” “I can assure you, it won’t fail. But be sure it hits the mark.” “His heart?” “His Ghost.” Di’Orma’s deal with the Scorn Barons.

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