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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (Spectre-18): 5/12/2020 4:27:02 AM

Exotic Auto Rifle : The Oddsmaker

Name: The Oddsmaker High-Impact Solar Auto Rifle Impact: 30 Range: 30 Stability: 30 Handling: 60 Reload: 60 RPM: 600 Magazine: 50 “Never bet your life, wager theirs.” Intrinsic Perk — 50/50: All shots missed either return to reserves or damage the target last hit with this weapon. Legendary Trait — Double or Nothing: Hold reload to double weapon range. 50/50 deals double damage, but missed shots are also removed from reserves. Hidden Perk — Wild Card: Weapon sporadically fires at different rates and with different elemental types. Exotic Catalyst — Another Ace Up the Sleeve: Emptying your final magazine with no reserves left refills the magazine. Each consecutive repeat of this perk diminishes the refill by 10 rounds. Lore Tab: “Never bet your life, wager theirs.” —— “Won’t you join us.” “Sure thing, brother. Can’t say no to a good game.” “Haven’t seen you around here before. You new to the City?” “Nah, me and the City go way back. Just been travelling for a while... Say, aren’t you the Hunter Vanguard?” “Oh boy, how did you know? Did you want an autograph?” “Now that’d be peachy. Hey, while we’re playing, what do say we make a bet?” “Nice, I like it, what are thinking? Debt for debt?” “Not quite. I want to set something up in the Tower. New game I have for your Guardian friends.” “Okay sure, you’ve sold me. You win, I’ll set it up. But if I win, you take on all my debt. Deal?“ “Deal.” “No take-backs?” “No take-backs. Trust.” “And what do I call you, friend?” “Brother, call me Drifter.”

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