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5/7/2020 6:13:45 PM

If bungie were to introduce a new skill tree (with super) in year 4 for each subclass, what kind would you want it be?

For me personally, I think sunbreaker could use a more proper melee mobile super with a skill tree that has a greater focus on passive neutral game. Sunbreaker already has 3 skill trees that each only has effects that proc on kills, making them more ability based neutral game skill trees. Something more akin to top tree dawnblade or bottom tree arc strider where you get an enhanced form of movement or technique that I could like...consume the charged melee for to enhance further. Something like that. For striker I'd also like another melee mobile super. This time I want one that acts more like a fighter, using their fists and heavy kicks with a combo structure like arc strider has. Also a charged melee with a drop kick that knocks enemies away and has them explode after a short time would be cool. This one I'm fine with being more ability based if necessary because striker already has 2 trees with more passive neutral game effects. For sentinel, I think it needs to be the skill tree with a ranged one off super. I'm not...sure as to what it would be though. For the skill tree I feel like it would be cool if holding the melee button drew the sentinel shield out and the titan can block damage and shoot it back as a ranged projectile like aegis. Like you can hold it for 2.5 seconds at the cost of movement speed and releasing it shoots out the blast. Like it does 100 base damage but if it blocks like a shotgun shot or two it can do double damage. Something all about defense and countering is the goal.

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