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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
5/9/2020 2:46:57 AM


Remove them. If you use Mindbenders you deserve to burn in the fiery abyss of Hell for eternity. On a serious note though. I am fine with shotguns in the game, but the range on a shotgun (combined with the lack of skill it takes to map someone) is ridiculous. You shouldn't be able to one shot someone from more than 1.5m It shouldn't happen. At the moment the game favours people who play titans, munch crayons and can't get a kill without seismic strike or a shotgun. Warlocks are okay where they are I guess, but daybreak is WAY to OP. Hunters are underpowered if anything. They are the mobile class that are somehow also the slowest. Makes sense bungo. Anyhoo. Shotguns, fix the range. (I'll probs get slaughtered by crayon muncher mains but its the truth. Why haven't you fixed them yet?

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