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My problem with titans in pvp.

Edit: let me clarify something real quick. This is mostly about consistency to activate said neutral games, not me saying titans are weak nor am I saying they are in any sort of position to need buffs in the first place. I just find getting the more useful passive abilities of the skill trees specifically on the ones I talk about below to be infrequent and I don't quite like that in a pvp scenario. In pve that's not a problem at all and I believe they are very useful in those activities. But then comes the skill tree that literally does it all, bottom tree striker and it keeps getting nerfed, but this time because of popularity and it's the most popular for a reason. My starting argument regarding bottom tree striker: [spoiler]So we all know that bottom tree striker, at the very least neutral game wise, is the best titan skill tree for pvp and for those of you that don't fully know why, allow me to quickly explain it. Heal on melee kills, causing a targets health to reach a certain thresh hold greatly boosts your melee lunge range AND melee damage by 60% for 5 seconds and is refreshable, your charged melee also grants a stupidly high boost to stability AS WELL as gun damage for 12 seconds AND reloads your weapon from reserves. This is easily the most stacked titan skill tree for crucible because its consistently capable of using its neutral game to its maximum potential AND it is incredibly potent once it gets rolling. But it also doesn't sacrifice the super for neutral game either. It uses less energy than top tree striker for the light attack, restores super energy per kill and it also can apply knockout to further increase the light attacks damage so that it easily 2 shots supers (against another striker it only does 93 damage, but with knock out it easily 2 shots and will do so for the next 5 seconds). One or the other by itself makes it one of the most lethal skill trees in the game and its survived numerous nerfs to both and still remains the best titan skill tree for pvp while being one of the most potent at the same time in pve.[/spoiler] And so here is where I start talking about the issues I have with the titan class as a whole at least in pvp: None of them do what bottom tree striker does on a comparable level in pvp. Every titan skill tree has its uses and it's very powerful gimmicks, but most of them cannot consistently activate their neutral game in pvp because they are too reliant on ability kills to activate them and in pvp it can be a real struggle successfully killing someone with something like a grenade or a charged melee and walking away to make full use of it. Bottom tree sunbreaker is easily one of the most potent pvp skill trees in the game and for good reason, because it offers a flat heal on ability kills, ability regen, a damage increase and the strongest DoT circle of death in the game and you can chain it while also having the most potent form of sunbreaker to boot. However, it's so difficult to activate in pvp (unless you cheese kills with ashen wake of course) that you might only see it usable after you activate your super which can be anywhere from the end of a trials match, to round 3 of a comp game or 5 minutes in to a clash game. I've averaged maybe 3 times off of ability kills per clash game which is so infrequent that you are spending most of your time without a neutral game to begin with. A very similar problem is in place for both top tree hammers and bottom tree sentinel. They both have a shoulder charge melee, but unlike top tree fist of havoc, they both have little to no capabilities beyond that. Getting tempered metal on sunbreaker or the grenade regen on sentinel is so uncommon that the shoulder charge acts like more of a neutral game than the entirety of the skill tree. And unlike bottom tree striker, they both sacrifice survivability for straight power. Even top tree striker does this, but it also offers more effective grenades and grenade regen on hitting targets with your shoulder charge so it's much more balanced out while it's only real sacrifice is efficiency in super, which isn't the biggest deal and its survivability issues can be supplemented with an exotic. And for the most part none of this necessarily matters because guns are what wins games, but at the same time having most of the titans skill trees be functionally the same or doing nothing most of the time feels like a detriment especially when cooldowns also make it so much worse than it already is. And as to how they could remedy this...I don't know. I don't want to break titans by buffing the shit out of them when they don't necessarily need it, but I feel like my options in crucible are just too limited at the moment if I want to maximize the potency of the class I play. I've pretty much mained sunbreaker since it came out, bottom tree specifically, but in higher end competitive modes like trials and comp I'm starting to feel lack luster, at least compared to bottom tree striker. Because at the same time, I could just be using top tree sunbreaker which gives me a neutral game through a shoulder charge but nothing else or stick to striker exclusively. Some of you might not really care about the power of a neutral game...but it sure does make the class more fun when it's doing something interesting. Even though warlocks aren't exactly good in pvp, I find their diversity in abilities and neutral game to be a big selling point of the class, the same thing goes for hunters. Because with their diversity in skill trees, you can adjust your playstyle to it and be more potent for doing so. Meanwhile titans still just run at you and punch you into goop on pretty much every skill tree. But that's why bottom tree striker will always be the best titan skill tree. Because it goopifies enemies consistently, more easily and at the cost of nothing. It will always be titans best option because of this fact alone. I don't think anyone can deny that it's good and unless they nerf it into the ground it will always be good. Meanwhile the other skill trees I specifically mentioned are more situationally good (shoulder charge kills, super) but at the same time are limited by the size of cooldowns and their lack of overall passive neutral game, UNLESS you can kill someone with said abilities (which isn't hard in things like quickplay, but is far more difficult in the upper tiers of pvp, which is where I find myself playing as of this time). Thank you for reading this if you did, I know it's a very long post and I hope this doesn't come off as a person whining because of a lack of success. I just want the class i play to feel a little more unique while at the same time offering more consistent potency because those trees I specifically mentioned just feel too limited in activation. They don't have to adjust anything at all, I'm just giving my thoughts on the matter because it's a pvp oriented season.

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