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впервые опубликовано в: Bungie your company is a joke now
4/21/2020 6:11:42 PM
Well, there's a very simple reason for that. This isn't the company that did Halo. I can see the confusion because this company has the same name, but the Bungie team that did Halo is now 343 Industries. They have nothing to do with Destiny. Microsoft took the Halo devs from Bungie and created that new team, and they still do Halo. The left over "Bungie" team then went through some turnaround and lost a lot of leadership and staff, and most of the remaining "Bungie" team is working on Matter, not Destiny. So yeah, Destiny is pretty pathetic right now. But either way, it's not the Halo team, it's another group using the name Bungie after the Microsoft split.

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