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Изменено (flashgamr): 4/6/2020 3:37:59 PM

Daughters Of Sappho is a casual, LGBT+ friendly PC clan open to literally everyone.

We're an incredibly small clan, (Literally 8 members at the time of posting, hoping to grow though!) but are open to people of any skill. Whether you're a D1 Beta Veteran who never logs off, or literally just installed the game and have no idea what a gun even is, you're welcome to join. We are a PC clan, but a few members play on Xbox, and since Cross-Save is a thing now, you can join regardless of what platform you play on Slight tangent, but expect a few memes if you join (The clan tag is literally UwU, we don't take ourselves that seriously at all lol) We have a discord, too! Let me know if you want to join it. The clan is open access so either drop your username for an invite here, or find us on clan lookup (either works) For rules, it's basically just "Don't be a prick". Use your best judgement and don't get too tilted, we're mostly just here to have fun.

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