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Destiny 2

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3/30/2020 3:06:44 AM

Idea for Bungo please read





bit OP




OK DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A BRAIN FART and a repost BUT COULD BE AN AWESOME IDEA Thoughts and opinions in the comments please disclaimer out of the way here's the idea Ammo : heavy energy : Solar frame : lightweight (not a hunter exclusive sword) perks : **** champions (name suggestions welcome) - fully charged heavy attack, causes overload blade, (overload champions) - light attacks break champions barriers (Barrier champions) - combo light, light, heavy will cause stagger effect (unstoppable, only heavy attack of combo needs to land, and doesn't need to be fully charged) blade perk : Tempered Edge guard perk : balanced guard or burst guard Cayatlist CQC monster (requires 10 kills of each champion and 200 normal kills) - vorpal weapon - relentless strikes

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