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Destiny 2

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3/2/2020 6:29:36 AM

I think infusion cap is fine, but I also wish bungie handled this better.

I really do think infusion cap on weapons is fine. Ik many people hate this change, and I understand why people are upset and want bungie to make new weapons better than the old ones. That is a way to approach this problem of wanting to pursue new loot, but if stuff just keeps getting better and better it will make the old stuff unusable anyway right? Think about it like this: Right now I have an auto rifle from sundial with multi-killclip, then a year later a new auto rifle comes out that can stack multi-kill clip and rampage together. Obviously the new gun is way better than the sundial auto rifle, and when I have a gun like that why would I go back to that sundial gun for none other than nostalgia? Another thing to consider is if we keep making guns better then we need to buff enemies too! Ik many of you (including me) don’t want that, but if they don’t adjust enemies then they will have zero chances of fighting back and actually pose any sort of threat! This will make those old weapons unusable anyways because the enemies are now balanced around new loot that is better than the old loot. That’s why I think instead of causing all of that work, it is much better to just retire weapons from high end activities over time because it will save bungie time that they can put towards making the game better or maybe be even taking a day off because of stress. Now that’s why I am ok with this change, but I think bungie handled this announcement horribly wrong. Announcing our weapons will now have a 9-16 months life span and then not telling us when this will be implemented and not specifically state when our weapons will be getting the infusion cap was a horrible move. This is causing people to just assume it’s going to happen this fall and when it happens all of their hard earned loot will be useless for end-game. Without any warning. If our weapons from year 2 and 3 will get capped when the fall 2021 expansion hits, then I will be very happy because I still have a long time for these weapons to be used and I know this change is coming. If weapons from year 2 and 3 will really no longer be usable in the end-game in fall then it kills pretty much all the motivation I have to get weapons I haven’t gotten yet. I hope bungie can clarify when the guns are going to be capped. Not just when it will be implemented. For future announcements bungie please try to do a better job at informing players of when something is going to happen. I love this game! It is really good and I want it to be amazing. I hope you can take the right steps to make it that way.

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