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2/25/2020 8:13:41 PM

My fractaline was stolen. Please Help.

I have never tried to contact Bungie before, but I am friggin pissed. I have been working my ass off to store up Fractaline. I have made 100,100 this reset (25FEB20). Like everyone else, my inventory space is not large enough, my vault space is not large enough, so like most of you, some of my stuff I save is in the postmaster. So I collected what I could a Fractaline today, the rest went to my postmaster -5 stacks of 9,999. I went to tangled shore to dump what I had on me into the obelisk. When I came back the loot that went to the postmaster from upgrading my obelisk had SOME HOW REPLACED ALL MY FRIGGIN FRACTALINE!!! WTF BUNGIE!?!?! When did this friggin change?!!?!?! It was recently that if you had stuff in your postmaster already, new things would be added to the right of them, once it filled up, only the new stuff that you picked up/went to the postmaster would be "lost." But that has changed sometime recently. Now it is putting new things in the first space and pushing out everything you have stored up! I also lost my prisms. But I'm not as mad about that as my FRIGGIN FRACTALINE. WTF BUNGIE. Seriously bro. I dump my time and money into this game. I am a regular patron of eververse b/c I WANT you to succeed in making this game I love everything it can be, and this is what I get?!?! Jesus Bungie. Can anyone here help me get this to bungie or point me in the right direction so I can attempt to get my stolen Fractaline back? I would really appreciate it. It was really hard not to curse in this post, I type like I talk, I don't go back and redo sentences. Thank you for putting up with it and listening.

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