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Destiny 2

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Изменено (Brianflipside): 2/22/2020 7:38:39 PM

Food for thought from Twitter

Fitzy @HeyFitzy · Feb 20 Replying to @A_dmg04 Would it be possible that may be in the future we can get Dev Streams to showcase, and discuss the changes rather than *just* posting them in the TWAB? I'm not saying to *force* them on camera, but it'd be nice to see the team working on the changes, and give their insight. 7 5 100 dmg04 @A_dmg04 · Feb 20 Do you feel that their goals are not being understood, or are you looking for more visual examples on how things are going to change? I personally don't want to deprive content creators from the day 1 rush of testing weapons and putting out new comparison videos, but all ears! 9 47 Brian Marotta @Brianflipside · 2m And that comment right there sums up Bungies priorities in a nutshell. If your not a content creator go to the back of the line. “No soup for you!”

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