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Изменено (Stacotto): 2/21/2020 8:56:15 PM

Give Whisper No Distractions

With the announcement that Izanagi's Burden is getting ND in place of Outlaw, I feel like Whisper could use the same treatment. Personally, I've always found Mulligan to be kinda pointless on Whisper because 1) It's unreliable RNG, 2) I never use it on a target that's likely to outright dodge the shot, and 3) nothing feels worse than getting flinched out of the crit but still landing a body shot, both nullifying Mulligan and breaking a White Nail chain. It'd sync well with Whispered Breathing and reinforce the weapon's ability to deal huge damage when landing criticals while expanding it's ability to do so to more than just giant stationary punching bags like Morgeth, Insurrection Prime, and the Sanctified Mind.

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