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Изменено (CJ Snazzy7632): 2/17/2020 9:17:49 PM

We will help you through Whisper/Heroic Whisper or Zero Hour

Hi guys! Me and my buddy XGN Junoir are now offering to help you through Whisper of the Worm or its Heroic form, as well as Zero Hour for Outbreak Perfected. Not Heroic Zero Hour. We can also help you do the secret chests for the ship in Whisper of the Worm if you want. Requirements: 1. You must be on Xbox 2. You must speak English 3. You must have a mic FOR ZERO HOUR, you dont need a mic for Whisper 4. You must have already completed normal mode Whisper if you want to do Heroic 5. You must have a void or arc and a kinetic scout rifle/bow 6. For Outbreak: You must have all quest steps proceeding the Zero Hour mission done 7. Must have access to activity Things to bring if you have (Optional): Whisper: -Escalation Shotgun -Transversive Steps, Stompies, Lion Ramparts (Depending on class) -Super Duration/Damage boosting exotics Outbreak: -Arbalest -Transversive Steps, Stompies, Lion Ramparts (Depending on class) -Fallen Armament Mods If you are in need of our help, just tell us so and give me a time and day on which you are available and also your time zone (In case you live in a different time zone than me). And tell us which mission you want and what class you are.

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