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Изменено (WereFull): 1/25/2020 6:53:49 AM

Shotgun Rework Idea

Everyone is running around with shotguns in PVP. You know why? I'm not going to say it, you can figure it out yourself. What's my proposed solution? I think that Bungie should nerf shotgun body shot damage, increase shotgun crit damage, and increase shotgun range to compensate and reduce shotgun pellet spread. That way, shotguns can two-shot kill from greater distances, one shot head shot kill from greater distances, and can only one shot kill with headshots. They'd be on par with snipers in terms of skill required to kill, they wouldn't be annoying as **** one shot body shot no-skill weapons, and they would no longer be essential to the pvp meta. Still usable, just take more skill. What do you guys think?

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