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Изменено (Reneta Scian): 1/4/2020 10:45:30 AM

Crucible After Dark - Cheats, Lag Hacks, and Aim Bots

I would just report people for doing this, but in late night (US EDT) Crucible seems to be getting so full of cheaters that reporting them is literally a chore. It has gotten a lot worse. I'm getting suppressed super hard late at night in PvP by Titans who seem to cross the map at light speed. I've watched players kill me, then snap kill 2 other players with no evident rotation. I'm hearing murmurs of several new cheat engines and aimbot hacks friends/etc are going against in PvP. I'm no Top-Tier PvPer, but enough to have 10.0+ K/D many times, and consistently have positive K/D. But lately, I can't play late at night. Mind you, part of the problem is how D2 Servers and systems handle latency. But, I'm not talking about the laggy Russian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese players on the US server. I'm talking about being suppressed in late night crucible by more obvious aimbotting. Tonight was especially bad. It seems like so many people are doing it that I don't even know who to report. I have been dying the moment I'm visible to an enemy player, even through impossble crevices. Being insta-headshotted 6 times in a row, under unusual circumstances. Being headshot insta-killed before I can see the Spawn In happen. More rarely lag hacking, where I get a clean kill, and then die a second or more later. But tonight, there it seemed there was just a metric ****tonne of perceptible aim-botting. Back to back to back insta-headshots. PvP has felt awful late at night US time for a while, but this past week it has gotten way worse. What's the Deal? I wake up at 4 - 8pm, and play until 9am when I do often. So it isn't just my being tired, and unable to play at peak performance. K/D Averages 1.5 - 2.8 most times, and rarely under 1.0. Ya'll just boosted my favorite weapons (Sidearms), but it is completely useless in PvP at night. Occasionally I have a bad match (usually when I try a weapon pairing I don't normally use). Tonight, 6 matches with .20 - .40s, I didn't even have time to react to enemy players before I was dead. During normalish business hours, or normal play hours for most players I don't have this issue. I have several comp weapons, many ritual weapons, and a tonne of manually master-worked gear. I'm 973 right now. So it ain't like I'm going into Crucible Half-cocked. Crucible and any kind of PvP this week and some of last week feels garbage, and especially the last few nights (AKA After Prime Time for US Players to be on).

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