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Destiny 2

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12/22/2019 7:08:40 PM

In Honor of Saint’s return, could we get a buff to Top Tree sentinel’s neutral game?

Code of the Defender is supposed to be a defensive subclass tree, but in the neutral game (at least in PvE) it doesn’t do that well. For one, the overshield you get from defensive Strike is made out of paper, and all of the other buffs you get from defensive strike disappear when it’s broken. That, and the buffs aren’t really that great. What I suggest is to buff the health of the overshield from defensive strike, make the buffs no longer disappear when the shield goes away, and maybe even add another perk or functionality to the neutral game perks of top tree. While we’re talking about top tree, I would also argue Helm Saint-14 needs a buff too. Again, only in PvE. Just like Top Tree Sentinel, It’s overshield is pretty weak, and even if you buffed that it still would be missing something to make it a better choice for PvE than Doomfangs. It’s only right for Saint-14’s iconic helmet to be in good shape for his return. In addition to buffing the strength of the overshield, I have 2 possible perks to add to Helm of Saint-14, and both are from D1: Gift of Light(Ward of Dawn generates Orbs of light as it takes damage) and That One Perk That Generated Orbs From Melee Kills While Force Barrier/Defensive Strike Is Active. Either one (or possibly both!) of these perks would add another level of utility to top tree: Being an Orb-making Machine, like Tether. Would that make Tether obsolete? No. Tether has the advantage of being a good Add-clear super and it weakens enemy combatants (not to mention its neutral game is pretty great) In conclusion I merely want Top Tree to not only have a good super, but a good neutral game, and be great all-around. I know Warlock’s need some buffs in other areas, and yes, Thundercrash wasn’t given it’s due, but this is just something to consider and look at. For those of you who read this wall of text, thank you. Have an awesome day. -Signed, a Sentinel Titan Main.

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