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Изменено (wastoidPRIME): 12/19/2019 8:12:04 PM

The New Saint-14 Story Missions and Weapons Are Awesome, The Busywork and Horde Mode v5.0 Isn't

Pretty self explanatory, I think the whole concept and execution of the story so far is amazing and getting to fight alongside Saint-14 will bring a slight tear to the eye of any fan of the lore. The weapon bounties are cool and noone will complain about being able to roll weapons to perfection so easily. The new horde mode and increasingly specific busywork is less enjoyable. I don't think anyone would be upset if the next season didn't include yet another horde mode and instead focused on reworking existing acitivites a bit or expanding strikes to include specific loot to chase themed to the activity and maybe remixing a few of the strikes as well or incorporating the next seasonal activity to be within strikes adding a more complex layer to what many consider to be one of the core pillars of destiny, the strikes. I miss having the strike specific loot from D1 those were some of my favorite pieces of armor and weapons. Either way I'm ecstatic so many new people are able to experience Destiny and I am in love with where the story has been headed so far, I nearly lost it when I saw we were actually going to complete the time loop finally and hand Saint the Perfect Paradox. Bravo.

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