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Destiny 2

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12/19/2019 6:24:10 PM

Please Bungie, help my friend out.

Dear Bungie, Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for making this amazing game. I've been playing for a while now and I thank you enough for everything you've done for the community. I'm writing this on behalf of my loyal fireteam member and fellow titan. We both live in South Africa and have helped each other through thick and thin. We've taken hits for each other, supported each other and we've become a real fireteal in-game and out. Now, our predicament. As I said, we live in South Africa, a country well known for having some of the worst internet connections in the world. As an example, I have a 100MB fibre line installed and I still get disconnected more often than I'd like. My friend has been banned from PvP activities because of being disconnected from too many Crucible matches. He has spoken to the service provider more than a few times, but the connection issues have resulted in a permanent ban. And on top of not being able to play PvP activities, my friend, a loyal and dedicated titan, cannot resurrect Saint-14, as one of the quest steps require guardian kills. Now, not being able to resurrect Saint-14 is a HEAVY blow to any titan, as you well know. So I beseech you Bungie, please review my friend's case. We just want to see Saint-14. You would make a titan very happy. Eyes up guardians and Light be with you all, SirChipMcDip

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