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12/15/2019 11:22:55 PM

Game problems I've found

This is a list of the different objects I've found that I think are glitched: Triumphs: - Season 9: Engagement (Gambit, Lifetime, Career), Motes deposited not counting for any motes deposited in Gambit - Season 9: Rituals (Gambit, Lifetime, Rank), Ranks earned not counting, (I am currently at Fabled I, with 0/3) - Season 9: Challenges (Crucible, Lifetime, Combat Record), Weekly Challenges not counting from the permanent playlists Quests: - Green with Envy, not awarding emblem upon reaching infamy rank "Fabled" with both Enemies and Streak being completed and marked off (have tried swapping character, rebooting game, doing another match, currently at Fabled I may have to enter Fabled II to get will edit if this is case)

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