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12/9/2019 4:49:04 AM

Get Ready To Dive Into Season Of Dawn This Tuesday Alongside Your New Clan BFFs! [Worldwide][PS4][XB1][PC]

Dungeons. Raids. Dungeons. Nightfalls. Nightmare/NF Master Difficulty. Crucible. Competitive. Gambit. Pinnacle Gear. It's a lot to take in by your lonesome. It can be even worse when relying on unreliable RNG people who are really only in it for themselves, and bail at the first sign of trouble. It's just as bad, if not worse, than dying to The Architects. We at xAllegiancex (xAx)...we hear your angry, frustrated screams. We all too well know what that feels like. And that's why we're dedicated to helping any and every Guardian in all aspects of gameplay, from Strikes and Nightfalls to Competitive Crucible and Speedrun Raids. When I mean we do it all, I mean we do it all, including (but certainly not limited to) [b]Raiding, Crucible, Gambit...Master Nightmare Hunts, High-Score and Master Nightfalls...Competitive Crucible...Daily Bounties/Pinnacle Gear Chasing...Exotic Weapon Quests and Dungeons[/b]...and SO MUCH MORE! And we're taking all of this and diving in head-first on Day 1 of Season of Dawn! We'd love for you to be a part of the fun! Most importantly: all of this is completely SALT-FREE, because THIS IS ONLY A GAME, PEOPLE. We realize not everyone is super-good at everything, but we also know there are those people looking to challenge themselves with more advanced playstyle. We play Destiny for fun, and we all end up getting "Bungied" and dying for one reason or let's just sit back, have a laugh (or a groan), brush ourselves off, and get back out there! [u]Did I mention we're a --WORLD-WIDE-- clan[/u]?? That means no matter what time zone you live in, there's always someone lookin' to hook up with you for some fun! Swing on by our website (listed above) for a link to join our Clan. Once you're part of the family, you'll be granted access to our very active Discord channel, as well as our SUPER-active Calendar of Events. Don't see anything on the Calendar that interests you? No problem--we are ALWAYS open to taking requests from our members (this even has it's own separate channel)!!! We're absolutely looking forward to teaming up with you, Guardian!!!
#Clans #sod #Saint14

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