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Saint-14: First Guardian we’ve seen use all 3 elements

Several times in lore we have been told that Guardians can use all 3 elements/Subclasses (Void, Arc, Solar). This can be difficult for Guardians to accomplish, as a few of the Subclasses are difficult to learn, but we have seen some Guardians use more than one Subclass. The most prominent examples are the following: [spoiler]Osiris- shown using Solar in lore and the opening clip of Curse of Osiris, as well as Arc in the Fall of Osiris comic. Ikora Rey- seen many times in lore and game using Void, as well as Arc in the Taken King dialogue and Red War trailer. Zavala- seen using Void in the Red War and Arc at Twilight Gap in the comics and trailers.[/spoiler] But these Guardians have only ever been seen using 2 elements. We knew a Guardian could use all 3 elements, but we have never actually seen a character use all three before other than ourselves. But now Saint-14 has been seen using all 3, making him the first we have seen doing so. [b]This does not mean he is the only one that can use all 3, only that we have yet to see others use all 3.[/b] [quote]First, we knew he used Void. This was revealed through the [url=]Helm of Saint-14[/url] depicting him as a user of the Ward of Dawn. It was developed further by the [url=]trailer for Season of Dawn[/url], where Saint was seen using Ward of Dawn and Sentinel Shield.[/quote][quote]Second, we learned he could use Arc in the first [url=]Fall of Osiris[/url] comic when he “talked” with Osiris and used Arc while they traded blows.[/quote][quote]Third, the [url=]Sundial[/url] narrative preview released for Season of Dawn revealed that Saint-14 used Solar energy several times on Mercury to fight Vex, dig holes, and help create the Sunbreakers’ Burning Forge.[/quote] So that’s it. Saint-14 is the first Guardian we have seen using all three elements. It’s very good to finally see. For more of my posts, check out my [url=]Master Post[/url]. Edit, to clarify: [spoiler]I’m loving the discussion about Guardians’ use of Light, strength in the Light, and all that. But I feel that many have misinterpreted what I’m saying, misinterpreted the point I’m making, and/or even ignored some parts of my post entirely. So, to clarify: Saint-14 is the only Guardian [b]THAT WE (the people who play and read lore) HAVE SEEN USE ALL THREE ELEMENTS[/b] [u]not counting ourselves[/u]. It is very very very very likely that other Guardians like Osiris and Ikora could use all the elements. Saint-14 is just the first who has been [b]depicted[/b] using all 3. Osiris has not been seen using Arc; Ikora has not been seen using Solar. Many people also bring up Cayde to discuss the elements he uses (yes, he most likely uses Arc, as hinted by the Flux Grenades in the Taken King “Cayde’s Stash” mission). Keep in mind that this post is about Saint using 3, not every single Guardian that uses more than one element. I only listed Osiris, Ikora, and Zavala to give examples of prominent users of more than one. I didn’t have any reason to talk about Cayde. It has been confirmed in lore that [b]not every Guardian can use every element.[/b] The best examples are the three Taken King Subclasses. Specifically, Ikora Rey states very clearly that not every Warlock/Guardian can learn to use Arc/Stormcaller, and it is impossible for some. Some Subclasses can be learned through practice, but others can remain forever out of reach. Also, Saint-14 being the first we’ve seen using all 3 isn’t necessarily a testament to his power. Several Guardians are stronger than him, but we just haven’t seen if they can also use all 3 elements.[/spoiler]

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