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Изменено (gangman99): 12/4/2019 11:49:02 AM

Saint 14 question

What is s14’s accent? I can’t pin point it. It sounded Russian at first, but then reminded me of Greek and the copying of portrayals of other Greek characters in other games. He also has the Greek aesthetic with the spartan helm, skirt, purple ribbons (Byzantine empire purple for royalty), and Roman numerals (Byzantine empire was half of the romans but were based a lot more heavily on Greek culture). Plus the mark of the beacon flavour text references paeans (Greek song of praise). I’ve been researching this for hours now and I’ve crossed by other people’s thoughts. I’ve found Greeks saying he’s not or is Greek and vice versa with Russian speakers. At this point, it’s driving me insane so I gotta beg: TELL ME WHAT F***ING ACCENT THIS PURPLE SPARTAN BOT IS USING!!! I’m going to stick to Greek until it’s ever stated... but it’s going to tear me up until then...

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