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Изменено (MBurningStarIV): 7/17/2018 4:32:07 PM

Dear Bungie, Can We Please Get SOME Way To Get Prev Season Ornaments

Let me start by saying I understand the premise. You make the ornaments seasonal, and people feel more compelled to spend real money and get them before they're gone. But it's flawed, in my opinion. People who are willing to spend the money will still do so, because they're also the kind of people who want them NOW, they don't want to wait. I have never wanted an ornament as much as I wanted the Midnight Sun ornament for Wings of Sacred Dawn. That armor has been iconic to me since it was first shown off before D2 release. As soon as I got it, though, and saw I couldn't shade the gold, I almost never used it. When that ornament came out, I said "I'm gonna get that, and that's going to be my signature exotic", the same way I was known in D1 for never taking off my Alchemist's Raiment. About a week after Curse of Osiris launched, I was hospitalized for cancer. I spent the rest of Season 2 and the first weeks of Season 3 in the hospital, unable to play. I'm back now, and all caught up. But then I learned I can now NEVER get my Midnight Sun ornament. I would do anything; any quest, any activity. I would throw money at Eververse for engrams no matter how many it took. Maybe it sounds stupid to some people, but playing Destiny has been a big part of my recovery. Some days, it was merely a welcome and needed distraction; other days, it was something that brought me joy. I apologize for getting so personal. Just wanted to illustrate that sometimes crappy stuff keeps people away from the game. I understand you want to keep things special for people who were there and played during each respective season. I do. But sometimes, people miss playing for unfortunate reasons outside of our control. I didn't want cancer. I didn't want a hospital stay. I didn't want to miss playing (I did still technically play during both seasons, since I was there at the beginning of S2). So please, [b]PLEASE[/b] give us some way to still get past ornaments. It doesn't hurt anyone or anything. But it would sure be a big deal for people whose lives or circumstances caused them to miss something they had their hearts set on. I'm sorry this was so long. I hope some of you stuck with me til the end. Sometimes, Dmg or Cozmo reply to unexpected things. Would you guys/girls mind helping me get this seen? Maybe we can get a reply here. I hope so!

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