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Изменено (Reckope): 9/14/2018 8:05:03 PM

Bug: ‘Whisper of the worm’ mission not progressing. Blight doesn’t spawn after entering portal.

After launching the taken blight public event, killing the yellow bar enemy and entering the portal, mission does not progress. No taken blight spawns at the start so you’re unable to fall down the hole and progress onto the mission. Steps to reproduce: 1. Form a fireteam of 2 and launch taken blight public event. 2. Kill the yellow bar taken enemy to open the portal. 3. Fireteam leader loaded in first, killed vex that spawned in the mission (while other fire team member was loading in). 4. Other fireteam member loaded in, causing the vex to disappear. 5. No taken blight spawned, so no players could shoot it, causing no hole to spawn and progress. Conclusion: Possible network error. The mission starts at the same location as the lost sector in Lost Oasis. The vex must have spawned there due to a fireteam member not fully loading in yet. Killing one of the vex must’ve triggered the mission to start (somehow), blocking the Whisper of the Worm mission. Maybe..?

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