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11/17/2019 7:59:06 PM

Holiday Event Rewards Felt Cheap. (Do You Agree? Poll)

I feel the same way.


I dont feel the same way.


So this year for the Halloween Mask Event it felt cheap to me. I have participated in last years Christmas event, and this years Valentines event so I know how the events worked before the big move. I don't like how 90% of the event rewards this year for Halloween could only be bought with bright dust/ silver. Its a low blow considering how little bright dust you can actually earn now do to getting rid of the item to bright dust conversion for engram rewards, and with leveling engram rewards being next to none now after the removal of actual leveling. Last Christmas event and Valentines event you could get many of the prizes randomly by buying an item purchased with the event currency. That was worth participating for me, My friends and i spent hours and days grinding the event because we knew wed be rewarded by doing so. But this Halloween event felt like a micro transaction trap set up by EA themselves. The "goodie bags" had no chance at any real reward having the most basic weapons found in destiny 2. The werewolf, although looks cool isn't as cool as a witches broom or new emote. Considering the leveling engrams are gone for every level getting cool stuff like that is harder now so why should the rewards of an event also be harder. I hope the upcoming events don't feel like such a stick up for money just to enjoy them fully. I made this post to hopefully bring attention to how a player might feel, and included a poll so that other players could give their opinion too. I really do enjoy this game and I feel not all changes are bad, some have been really good. But this particular change rubbed me the wrong way.

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