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Disputing - this account has been banned

Hi, As Bungie does not offer their players options to dispute their bans, I am doing it here. I am a long time player of Destiny, having first played on and later on transferred to Steam upon hearing the news of the move. In terms of PVE/Crucible I am a below average player, scoring below 1.0 in KDs and recently taking 2 weeks to obtain the Revoker Sniper Rifle. Today I was playing Competitive mode with 2 friends trying to obtain Luna's Howl. I took a break for a few hours, coming back to 'this account has been banned.' Upon reading Bungie's Banning Policies, they do not offer players a chance to dispute their bans and their decision is final, which I believe is unfair. I do/did not cheat and at the time of playing Destiny 2, I had the following applications open: - Razer Synapse - Nvidia Experience - Ccleaner - Discord - Windows Defender I am asking Bungie devs to please re-investigate this issue and unban my account due an error and potentially review their flawed anti-cheat system. If my request is not upheld, I will be taking further action with Steam and potentially PayPal. I would also like anyone else who have been banned unfairly also to come forward and provide their opinions. Thanks,
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