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Destiny 2

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11/11/2019 6:42:58 PM

Am I the only one concerned about the fact that Recluse is still broken after it dropped 8 months ago?

[b][u]TO BE CLEAR:[/u][/b] this doesn't want to be a "NERF RECLUSE!!!" thread. I mean, it's so d*** obvious that I don't even think they are necessary anymore... My point (and the point I'd like to focus with this thread) is how slow Bungie is when it's about fixing, changing or nerf/buff things in their own game. This is one of the main problems I've always had with Destiny in general since D1 and why at some traits this game has been a frustrating and/or boring experience for me. Bungie takes MONTHS to fix even the smallest thing. A bugged Bounty, a glitched Quest, a broken Weapon/Exotic Armor Piece, an useless and weak Weapon archetype, an underperforming or a too much powerful Super. Months and months of feedback from various sources (Forums, Reddit, YT videos, Tiwtter, even MEMES if you want) and when they FINALLY do something about it, guess what? It's already too late. The damage is done. Also, often this problems are so d*** obvious that you can't help yourself thinking: "Is anybody testing this s*** before launching it?! How they could think that this was a good idea?!". I honestly don't get it. Also, talking about being slow, you're the slowest SH I've ever seen when is about to communicate PROPERLY or ANSWER PROPERLY to your community. And you should really do something about that. Game developing is hard, I know. I understand. Create content is hard bla bla bla. Good. If creating contents is hard, at least, be sure that those few things you decide to prioritize are done WELL.

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