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11/14/2019 2:32:32 AM

Error code bee/bat

Hello, I am having issues playing competitive PvP. For about a week I've played survival with my friend nextdoor. We can't use in-game voice chat due to NAT restrictions although we use the same internet provider, so we have to use other voice chat app like discord. But now things got worse: from this Tuesday every time I play with my friend in the same lobby I encounter error code bee, after a while starting to load back into match and then got kicked with error code bat and suspended from playing survival. However that doesn't concern any other game activity or any other game. Network troubleshooting guide wasn't much of a help, so I'm asking for help or any advice. P.S. Attaching speedtest and resource monitor screenshots. I'm a bit wondered where are the destiny 2 servers located, so I have about 160-240 ms latency. [url=]speedtest[/url] [url=]resource_monitor[/url]
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