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Destiny 2

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11/11/2019 5:10:07 AM

Fusions need to be dealt with and hand cannons should’ve not gotten a double nerf.

- Most Fusions have a faster TTK than a 140-150 hand cannons ESPECIALLY anything with back up plan - Fusion are almost impossible to counter in the hands of anyone who is even some what competent at the game. - Fusions will win a duel against any hand cannon with IN hand cannon range. - Fusions will always win at mid range against hand cannons, and of course they’re known for mapping from 40-70 meters with a faster TTK than hand cannons. - Hand cannons should’ve ONLY gotten just the damage drop off nerf bungie promised and should’ve not gotten hit with a double whammy where they got a range nerf as well. - Hand cannons are a top tier skill weapon that requires mastering recoil/distance perception/ and precision in order to obtain an optimal TTK. - Hand cannons right now at least on the console meta are in a bad spot where they exponentially are at a bigger gap now between fusions and of course pulses and scouts.

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