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Cloak of Optimacy ornament broken

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to the Optimacy set for the hunter. I played around with it for a little bit in the EDZ. But then I noticed my cloak missing whenever I entered third person perspective through my sparrow or super. I tried switching it out with a random cloak and then back on. The cloak of optimacy would be back but after 5 minutes of playing, at some point it would be gone again. I tried it afterwards without the ornament on my tangled web cloak and this one seemingly didn't disappear after long play sessions. Neither with any other cloaks I've used in the past. Now obviously I'm making a post about this since I spent money on an item that continually breaks. And this shouldn't happen. I'm new to this game since New Light. Is this a resurfacing issue? I've found a post of someone complaining about this exact thing back in September of 2017 on reddit.
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