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♤ Lightborne - 1 - Key Quest

He never was one for the bright lights of fame like the others. Guardians with all their loot and glamour, parading around like they're the [i]only[/i] "heroes" that the Traveler brought here. He'd seen them all. Titans with massive shoulder pads walking in strides that take up the space of two people with shit-eating grins. Warlocks who think that they are the most important of all the guardians and how they're so much more in tune with the light. And those damned Hunters that constantly tell him he's one of them. Running and hopping around gathering anything their greedy eyes land on. He knows what he was. What he had become since then. He knew exactly what he was now and who he'd be in the future. He was- [i]"Icarus!"[/i] A distant voice breaks the silence. From the distance a hooded figure could be seen running and waving in his direction. The half-robed acolyte of Ikora Rey with the heart of a Hunter in the wilds of Venus named Kairos came into view. "Hey! Hey, you.. huh. Huh... you forgot this!" He's panting as he nearly collapses in front of Icarus with a small box in his outstretched hand. He takes a breathe, "Ikora said she'd never seen something like this before. What is it?" Icarus takes the box from Kairos and pulls out 3 small keys from one of the hundreds of pockets he has. He inserts them, one on each side and turns them all to the right. "Just needs one more." "Oh! Ikora says I should get some real experience from someone who knows what their doing in the field! Do you think I could give you a hand finding your lost key?" Kairos is bouncing with excitement waiting for his response. Icarus narrowly eyes him up and down. "You know, normally I'd say 'get lost' but, I actually just lost my last partner on Titan, so I guess there's a spot open for you, kid." He barely finishes his sentence before turning away from him and walking away. Kairos leaps into the air with joy, "YES! I've read so much about you! Icarus Bloodstone, the crazed renegade Hunter who-" "Hey!" Icarus turns and snaps at him. "I'm not one of your Guardian buddies, okay? For all I care the light can burn out and the darkness can go chase down another celestial being. Now, if you want to join me, cut the 'Hunter this' and 'Titan that' alright?" He stares him down. Kairos shrugs and squints a bit before apologizing. "Err- right. I forgot about all that. Hehe.." His nervous chuckle does little to relieve the tension. Icarus turns back again. "Come on, New Light. Let's get you a ship." Kairos waits a few seconds before he starts following again and begins to whisper to himself, [i]"the crazed renegade Hunter who clearly has a lot more secrets than I thought!"[/i] He chuckles slightly before running to catch up to Icarus outside the Hanger.

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