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Изменено (kyLEVIATHAN): 11/9/2019 6:24:00 AM

Please make the 2019 Solstice of Heroes armor into ornaments

As the title states, it would be great if the Solstice of Heroes armor were made ornaments (like the previous Winterheart set for example) instead of an actual armor set. The armor looks awesome in my opinion, but the base stats are pretty average when compared to the easily obtained Substitutional Alloy pieces, and even more so when compared to the Iron Banner pieces. It was fairly involved and tedious to obtain the masterworked Solstice of Heroes armor, so to have to replace it with what I think are worse looking pieces but with significantly better stats is disheartening. I appreciated an updated version of the set being gifted to us as part of Shadowkeep and Armor 2.0, but the stats being so average compared to more easily obtained armor is a bit painful. PLS BUNGIE!

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