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Destiny 2

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11/8/2019 6:50:07 PM

Xur Location 11/8/19

[b]Planet[/b]: Earth, EDZ Sector: Winding Cove The small ledge next to the downed skiff Note: D2 info will be updated after 9am PST [b]Follow custom tags below since these posts get buried every week[/b] [b]Fated Isochronal Engram[/b] An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new exotic if any remain to be collected [u]Cost[/u]: 97 shards [i]Five of Swords[/i] Enables modifiers in nightfall strikes on prestige difficulty. More challenging modifiers apply larger score multipliers [u]Cost[/u]: free [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Riskrunner[/i] Submachine gun Description: when taking arc damage, this weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming arc damage. Kills extend the time in this overcharged rate. When arc conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo [u]Cost[/u]: 29 shards [b]Armor[/b] [i]Transversive Steps[/i] Warlock boots Upgrade element: Arc Stat total: 48 Description: sprint speed increased. After a short time sprinting your currently equipped weapon is automatically reloaded [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]Fr0st-ee5[/i] Hunter boots Upgrade element: Arc Stat total: 48 Description: increased melee, grenade, and dodge regeneration while sprinting. Dodging increases your sprint speed [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]Eternal Warrior[/i] Titan helmet Upgrade element: Arc Stat total: 48 Description: gain an overshield when activating fist of havoc [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [b][i][u]Destiny 1[/u][/i][/b] [b]Location[/b]: the Tower. The far railing next to the Speaker [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Bad Juju[/i] Pulse rifle [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [b]Armor[/b] [i]Legacy gauntlet engram[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 29 strange coins [i]Eternal Warrior[/i] Titan helmet [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Mask of the Third Man[/i] Hunter helmet [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Nothing Manacles[/i] Warlock gauntlets [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [b]Weapon Ornament Bundles[/b] [i]The Last Word/ Addendum[/i] [i]Zhalo Supercell/ Not a Toy[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 30 strange coins + 25 silver dust

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