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Изменено (spitfiresim): 11/1/2019 10:33:03 AM

Toxic Guy in Gambit, Best way to report?

Guy was pretty toxic in chat, I reported him in-game (very nice selection of options btw :) but was wondering what else can be done about this kind of thing. Is this sort of thing bannable? Made the match notably less fun :( Edit: Removed screenshots because apparently against forum rules. my b Edit 2: So I understand naming ans shaming is against the rules however, I feel as the "victim" its kinda weird I can't name the guy whose being a problebm... I looked up the user name on steam and got 262 results, so tracking him down and reporting him through steam seems like a bit of a waste of time. I also googled it and searched around and it looks like [b]you can report in-game and/or through steam if you happen to know/have their steam ID[/b] soooo yea I'm kinda dissapointed because I'm not very confident in most in-game reporting systems :(

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