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Login Destiny 2 problem (Xbox One)

[b]Update- The problem has been fixed. My brother disconnected the wired controller to his Xbox and that allowed Destiny 2 to connect. I am not sure how and why but I will not question it, thanks to anyone who read this and hope you have a great day. [/b] So my brother [i]AFPipboy3000[/i] is having a problem logging into destiny 2, I provided a video for a example and to show what I mean by [i]Connecting Limbo[/i]. At the end after you click A, it would have the icon bottom right corner of the screen along with the word connecting. I’ve seen others have a similar problem but theirs started after May 29, my brother has had this issue since last week. We have tried resetting, hard resetting, and deleting and reinstalling. None have been successful, he would still be stuck in connecting limbo I have a Xbox One of my own and are connected to the same Network so I am not sure if it is a network problem but I am still bringing this to the forums. Seeing as how Faction Rallies are just around the corner my brother really wants to get into gear to get the Graviton Lance Catalyst so if you are working on a fix it would be greatly appreciated if I could get a response or a public announcement to all those with this problem that a fix is on the way Thank you for anyone reading this and have a good day.

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