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10/25/2019 8:24:23 AM

Can we get a rework on this Exotic?

I want to get Sealed Ahamkara Grasp a proper rework instead of being nerfed into the ground and left in the collections to rot... like Mechaneer's Tricksleeves... or Graviton's Forfeit... Like seriously, when was the last time anyone touched these things? For now though, I want to open this for decision, get the community involved and come to a conclusion for a fair exotic rework. We can even open this up to other character classes and their left behind exotics. I'm looking at you Stag and Crest of Alpha Lupi but for now: Sealed Ahamkara Grasp. Look. I'm going to open this by saying that I'm a hunter main. I've been playing since D1 and know the character well. We all love our broken builds here and there. I loved having infinite supers with Orpheus Rigs back in year one but that had to stop. I loved throwing Blade Barrage one after the other with Shards of Galanor but then they had to put a cap on it. Of course, I hate to see these fun builds come and go but it is for the importance of game balancing and keeping things fair. Tether's can still get your super back on the bridge in The Reckoning and Shard Barrage is still the most fun in Well and Mayhem. There really has been one build I've never used and that's Sealed Ahamkara Grasp's infinite reload. I never really saw it as broken cause at the time, Warlocks could do it for the whole team with one Exotic and a well. HECK, Titans could infinite reload with any exotic. Sealed Ahamkara just meant nothing compared to those two methods so there was no point to me. Now jump ahead to Shadowkeep, Luna Well and Barrier get hit hard with the Nerf Hammer, both are still good but it was a necessity so boss's health didn't have to literally to the stars. Somehow though, you see Seal Ahamkara sneak it's way out of the sights of the Hammer, just like you'd expect of a hunter to do. They paled so much in comparison to Luna Well and Rally that this is the only reason I can see that Bungie forgot to touch these exotics: they just didn't matter. Now Hunter's are the only ones with this infinite reload and honest... I hate that. Just taking a single shot grenade launcher and shooting to your heart's content is boring. I like to see my hunter's have cool moves and tricks. Not being the DPS royalty. These still aren't the craziest of exotics if I can be honest. I haven't seeing too many people abusing them as much as I'd thought people would but seeing as Bungie did have to ban them for the first 24 hours of GoS, it will probably be a matter of time before they nerf these exotics or maybe change Knife Trick(the burning fan of knifes melee that abuses this trick) to not actually tick for melee damage. While this will be the more likely of approaches I see Bungie taking to stop this exotic from breaking their game, at that point though, Sealed Ahamhara's will be completely useless again. Just like when they came out in Warmind. They did nothing and was a sad exotic in the collection till Foresaken was finally released. I don't want them to go back into the collection again. I know that they can't make every exotic a must have but I also don't want to see an exotic go to waste either. Bungie's even been doing SOO good with bringing back old exotics and making them new and exciting. I honestly just want to see them return to glory and go back to how they were in D1; giving you double melee charges and only reloading your primary. I use to run them ALL the time cause I basically became the team's medic with double Invis-Smokebombs. Going invisible, ressing a downed teammate, and then making us both invisible to get back to cover. It was the first time hunter didn't just feel like a DPS class but an actually support class. That is my only hope for these things, which would also mean something like Ophidia Spathe would also need a rework too, but if anyone else has an idea, I'd love to hear it. Bungie has been listening to us more and I don't think it'd be a stretch to see if we can get some of out under loved exotics. If you have an idea or even some exotics you want to see get a little more love. Go ahead and reply and upvote this so we can get some notice. Thank you guardians for reading this.

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