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10/16/2019 2:28:36 AM

It Was A Bad Idea From Bad Creative!

Now that the game is all about completing bounties, you can't just play the game normally. Why? Because you always have to land the final blow. If you don't, you get nothing for it. I just did a Nightmare Hunt and I have to get melee kills on nightmares for this "quest." There's a very obvious reason why I put quest in quotes like that and you know what it is. So, I have to get melee kills to progress this chore.. I mean "quest." But guess what? So would a majority of people I'd end up matchmaking with. Chances are, they need those melee kills. Or, at some other point, would need to get the final blow in some form or another to progress their own chore. So, now, we're constantly having to compete with one another in a... COOPERATIVE GAME MODE! It's like that with every bounty, too. If you have been wondering why A LOT more players will join a strike queue only to immediately run-off and kill constantly spawning enemies in the public area instead of helping his fireteam in the strike.. It's because you pretty much have to in order to complete these bounties. It's the stupidest damn thing. It's not a natural flow of gameplay but a chore that players will ultimately ignore the actual goal of the strike, mission or whatever in order to complete their bounty, quest or... Yeah, let's just call them chores because that's what they are. They're not fun. They're not seamlessly integrated into the natural gameplay. No. You have to go out of your way to do anything but play the game normally to complete them. You really cannot do the mission, strike or whatever you queued into normally and still make efficient progress on these chores. 150 Arc Kills in strikes while the others you joined with are also trying to get 150 Arc Kills at the same time. You know how you're supposed to work together during these particular modes of the game? Screw that! If you want to make any progress, you do these bounties that LITERALLY MAKE YOU COMPETE AGAINST YOUR TEAMMATES! When it's a co-op thing like a mission, strike or whatever then the bounties for those things should be "as a fireteam, do X" to progress. If you want to increase the number of Arc Kills needed as a fireteam then that's fine but at least then we'd be working together as that game mode is...and I cannot stress this enough...COOPERATIVE! There are some bounties offered that require a smaller amount because you're doing them alone. 10 Sniper kills in a strike or things like that. That's fine because it's just 10 and you're done. But needing to land the final, melee hit on a nightmare during a hunt to get progress while everyone else is also trying to get that final melee hit and only one of you can progress is insanely stupid. Make it "as a fireteam" so that there's a chance other players will also be doing it and you make progress together in this COOPERATIVE game mode. Even if they don't need it, they will most likely let you get the punch in to finish them off when they realize what you're doing. Sure, there will still be total a**holes griefing players during those things but there's already that plus competing to get the final blow. It honestly shows they have no clue what they're doing with this game. The game has been centered around competitive PvP die-hards from day-one. That kind of mentality should not go into the building of what is supposed to be the co-op part of the game. I've gone into strike after strike and watched as other players run-off to get their needed kills and avoid the strike entirely, as long as possible, because they don't want to have to be bothered about if they get the final hit on an enemy or not. "It was a bad idea from bad creative!" ~Chris Jericho

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