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10/22/2019 9:54:39 PM

Game throws me back to the desktop..

Hi there, I am having a little issue here. I've played the game for over 200 hours without any crashes, frame drops or other technical issues. In all those hours the worst thing that happened to me until today was like one disconnect, and that one was on my ISP. The game worked fine until around 19:00 here in Germany. The reset happened and I decided to go four times in the black garden in order to see what kind if gear I'll get. I haven't seen a "tier 3" reward before after all, so I was curious.. :) However.. it ended up a bit frustrating. The first run through the Black Garden was without any incidents, but the following two runs both introduced me to my desktop. It wasn't even a normal game crash. Usually if a game crashes you are just on your desktop and the game won't react anymore, or Windows just closed it for good. In my cases however I always felt as if I unintentionally pressed Alt+Tab because I could still hear what's going on in the game, but the game was not on my task bar and I couldn't alt+tab back in it. It appeared in my task manager though and I could close it both times with no issue at all. Well.. I still managed to finish my personal quest and I wanted to play one round of Gambit before I go offline. Well.. 3 minutes in and I was back on my desktop, again. This time the game also appeared in my task manager, but it closed itself after a while. Has anyone an idea what might be the cause of this? I had no issues until the reset (might be bad timing though) and I have not changed anything on my computer today. Everything worked perfectly until around 19:00, and since then the game crashes frequently. I'm playing the game on an i7 with a Geforce 1080ti and 32 GB RAM under Windows 10. I am using the latest drivers and I do not have 300+ Steam friends.. :-) I would really appreciate if someone could give me a tip in how to fix this. Unfortunatelly I don't receive any error messages at all so I am not sure where to start looking for the cause of that issue. It's gonna ruin that game for me if it continues though, multiple game crashes within an hour are.. kinda frustrating. Thanks in advance!
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