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Изменено (Jazzy): 10/21/2019 7:52:59 PM

Destiny 1 vs Destiny 2 female titans

Hello Bungie forums, I recently deleted my male titan to create a female titan, only to notice the difference between the two isn't that big appearance wise. I think the pose in [b]Destiny 1[/b] for the female titan looks a lot more badass and distinct than the pose in [b]Destiny 2[/b], this also goes for the male titan, though this topic is mainly about the female titan. The semi t-pose in [b]Destiny 2[/b] just looks weird and unnatural to me. Also how they're holding the gun at a weird angle, which looks extra ridiculous if you have a sniper in the primary slot. [b]Here is a comparison[/b]: Point being, it'd be great if the poses could be changed back to how they were in Destiny 1. Please upvote this post if you agree and want to get this on Bungie's radar.

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