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Concerning Cross Save and Seasons

I've been playing Destiny 2 on PS4 and PC. I finally decided to purchase the latest and greatest Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe Edition (from PS store). As I catch up, I transfered ownership from to Steam, everything seems fine until I look into the Cross-Save feature. I started worrying when I got to this warning: [quote] Hey! Listen! You have silver and/or seasons on one or more account. They will not be lost or deleted, but will not be accessible while Cross Save is active. Once Cross Save is active, your other Inactive Characters will no longer be viewable or playable. [/quote] As I bought Deluxe Edition, I understand that I get four seasons. Is it a problem that I bought the expansion before doing the Cross-Save thing? Is the order between purchasing the expansion and Cross-Save activation gonna lock me out of content I paid for? Edit: Moreover, if I choose to keep the characters set from my Steam account, am I gonna be able to play Shadowkeep content with these characters on my PS4? Hopefully someone can clarify! Thanks,

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