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Изменено (Snap7): 10/21/2019 7:36:56 AM

bungie the bully

Hey bungie why do you put a quest for weapon behind activities its -blam!-ing bullshit. If I want a weapon you force me into the pvp lane for a -blam!-ing absurd amount of time all the while playing with weapons I am not proficient with. The best part is I am playing wth ppl from russia, brazil, china, etc with their -blam!-ing lag. -blam!- you and you -blam!-ing retarted quests and your bullshit match makling you -blam!-ing assholes. Also nice jebate on the we will give you this quest but then pull the rug from our feet to understand we have huge steps to complete..;.. bull -blam!-ing shit!@!!!!!!! The icing on the cake for supporting you company for 20 years buying you titles for myself and all my family multiple copies for each title when I back out of a match with ppl playing overseas that can run a circle around me and kill me before I can react then I get banned. oh ok nice to know I am value as a loyal customer over 20 years.

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