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10/21/2019 7:36:54 PM

XBOX One/ North America/ Warlocks Can't Jump/ Recruitment/ BAND APP

WCJ Gaming has opened its doors to limited time recruitment. Warlocks Can't Jump: What are we looking for? Committed and active guardians that enjoy Destiny more than any other game. You need to be keen to be a part of a larger community and be particularly active in our clan chats. While we are not a sweaty clan, and don’t care about skill level. Most of our clan has been playing since Destiny 1. We want players to play end game with, we are all very helpful and offer our help through difficult content. But I don't think it's fair for the first thing you do is join and ask one of our vet members to help you through the Osiris Campaign or Forsaken Campaign. Offer your help, create relationships with our members If you do that whenever your time of need comes around you will have more members receptive to helping you. We have weekly raids, lots of us own most of all the pinnacle PVP and PVE Weapons. When Iron Banner comes around we play lots of it. We have another clan in chat that is named Red Dawn Patrol so if someone in chat does not show on roster chances are they are from RDP A few prerequisites to join our clan are must own all current expansions. We don't have any skill requirements to join but we do have a strict 18+ age requirement. Please have either over 500 hours played in PVE or Over 200 Crucible games. If you join participate in our events and be punctual. If you join our clan expect to participate in chat and read our important notices. How to apply: Send any of our admins a private message with a brief description of what you are looking for in a clan, and why you think you are a good fit for us. Once we have looked at your message we will decide if you are possibly a good fit for us and send you a band invite to join. We communicate via band, and coordinate our raid and PVP events through there. The Band app is free and available on Android, iOS and PC for free. This is mandatory and you will NOT be accepted without joining our private clan area. What can we offer you? A safe and structured clan environment with dedicated admins that oversee activities and chat behaviour. Our team will ensure you are in all appropriate chats and are always available for support and questions. Please remember to join our Band. Without joining this we will not process your clan application.

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