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Изменено (NicoNekomancer): 10/22/2019 3:33:30 AM
Imma put this here so yall can stop being crucibabies. Currently there is a problem in the game and its with all energy weapons aside from from trace(except for the bugs atm), the new hc, and the single linear fusion riffle, so the exotics. Shotguns, fusion riffles, and snipers are too easy to use, and with the current ammo economy, gets too many kills in a match. is it easy to not die to these things? yes, it is. is it still something that we can all agree is a little broken at the moment? yes, id also say it is. the way to fix this is to reduce that special ammo and the problem solved. sorry yall are trash and cant counter specials or have to use specials to get kills, but this is how it be

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