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Kermit the war vet

Kermit was in ‘nam in ‘68. He developed what you’d say was a speech impediment after fighting in Hue city. Got 2 purple hearts. He’s been a cabby ever since he was discharged. No one really knows much else about him. He doesnt talk too much, doesnt have any close friends. Well, except for maybe Fozzy. Fozzy bear was in country too. Did two tours, mostly running patrols in the Mekong delta. He cant sleep without the aid of alcohol or barbiturates. Blame Charlie’s nightly ambushes for that. Some nights Kermit picks up Fozzy from the bars. Fozzy’s always so far gone that at any given moment, he’ll roll down the window and sling epithets at anyone. He doesnt take shit from anyone cause he isn’t afraid of anyone. He’s a bonafide confirmed killing machine. But he’s one of those guys that’s afraid of the dark. One of those guys that’s jovial and amicable one minute then crying into his beer seconds later. Fozzy stared right into the darkness man, he took a long, hard look and that shit gazed right back at him. Kermit’s a silent saint, albeit he’s more like Charon; ferrying lost souls throughout the city. He never makes Fozzy pay. Nobody knows why, nobody could tell you. Guess that Kermit’s a lost soul too. . [spoiler]this was stolen from reddit[/spoiler]

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