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10/20/2019 8:35:03 PM

A Close Examination of the Currencies of The Democratic-Republic-Empirical-Anarchical Offtopic

Let us begin by defining our two currencies, the Comment and the Upvote. The Comment on the other hand, can promote discussion, which extends the topic of the post to new heights, and leads to the longevity of life that a post can have. The more comments a post has, the more discussion is taking place there. The Upvote is simply a score, or tracker, of a post’s quality. The more upvotes a post has the more “fire” –as the kids like to say—a post is. Now, the average post gets about 1-10 comments and upvotes. That’s not saying much. However, this means that the value of each comment and upvote is very high, in comparison to some other kingdoms like twitter or reddit. The quality scale of each posts goes like this, as pertains to upvotes only: 1-10- ok 11-20- pretty good 21-30- spicy 31-40- very spicy 41-50- the Big Funnies 51-60- ROFLMAO 61-70- You’re becoming an ongoing thing 71-80- Woah, that’s one phat post 81-90- Your post reflects your own character, and you are a quality being 91-100- Obama is going to give you an award tomorrow 100+- you have become the Big Funnies *This scale applies to the Presidency of Ringleader77, 2019. So, when should you upvote and when should you comment, or when should you do both? That all depends on the genre of the post. For example, Memes and shitposts tend to generate more upvotes, but Xombiexonrad’s Sound Fatherly Advice™ and RP threads tend to generate more comments. Simply use your own discretion to upvote when you like something and comment when you have something meaningful to say. However, one should not go around upvoting and commenting on every single post they see. While upvoting and commenting often, even on a daily basis, will generate lots of revenue (other upvotes and comments), if you upvote and comment all the time, then the value of those upvotes and comments go down. You see, the beauty of the currency of Offtopic is that there is no limit to it, but it is regulated by the users themselves. If you start throwing around upvotes and comments, then your 1 upvote will have less value because all posts are getting that 1 upvote, and your comments may not be thought-out before they were posted. Now, one subsection of the Comment is commonly known as a bump, or bunp, or rampt if you’re that one reptilian fellow. The bump is not so much a currency as much as it is an investment. The bump is one user investing a, or multiple, comments to another user of no value, hoping to increase the number of comments to gain more attention to the post. One can bump their own post, but a bump of you own is of less value than a bump of another user. Bumping is good, for it assists the quality posts into getting the upvotes it deserves, but, as with all things, bumping your own post in excess can and will make you look like a loser. The average post has 1-5 bumps. The final topic of the day will be a menace known only as the Downvote Brigade. Now, a Downvote is simply an inversed upvote, with all the same qualities and value as an upvote but reversed. The Downvote Brigade is a group of users who downvote most Offtopican posts. They are little better than thieves, stealing the upvotes of all for an unknown motive. However, the Downvote Brigade is not all bad. By downvoting everything, the Downvote Brigade has inadvertently protected the very value of the upvote, for all posts now begin equal. Without the threat of the Downvote Brigade, posts would simply accumulate more and more upvotes, and low-quality, but not worthy of a downvote, posts could climb to the top of Trending. With the Downvote Brigade, it ensures that there is a certain risk, a certain chance that every user takes when they post; the chance that their post may get buried. And it is boldness, and the willingness to risk it all, that separates the lurkers from the avid users. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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