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Изменено (SpeakerofthDeep): 10/22/2019 10:27:18 AM

I have a Matrix code screensaver...

construction worker with a problem walks in, something to do with his time card, keeps looking at my screensaver suspiciously. cw: Hey what is that? Obviously has never seen the matrix, is a bit confused, sort of dullard but good people. I hatch a troll in my mind me: Oh, I can't talk about that. I try to move in front of the screen cw: No really, what are those symbols? me: *sighs* Ok, I'll tell you but you need to forget what you saw. cw: yea; yea sure, what is it? me: *shakes head and sighs again for dramatic pause effect* I'm hacking the internet. cw: NO WAY! you can do that? is that the internet? *points at the matrix rain screensaver* I cannot believe that I have done this. me: No, that's the Dark web... it's kind of like a secret internet for hackers. You cannot tell anyone! cw: I won't I promise! He walked out of my office visibly excited. I can't wait to hear the rumors Update: guy gave me the "in the know head nod" this morning. I have achieved oneness with the world.

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